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Thursday, March 18, 2010

too early

I went to bed too early last night. It was late for William but he was sick and came to our bed and I read to him for a while. Then around 11 we all fell asleep and now I am away, crowded out of my bed and surfing around on facebook for the last hour. I guess I should just make coffee and do some real work, but the funny thing is, facebook use has no guilt at 5 am. Usually I am overly conscious of the time wasting nature of it, but not this early. It is like FREE TIME.
Yesterday I took William to the doctor. He was complaining of ears hurting and his cough is bad and said his chest hurt. The doctor says he doesn't appear to have anything beyond a cold. She suggested a shower to help clear his sinuses. I don't know what to think of a doctor (not our regular one) who gives advice that we are already doing. Common sense is just too unscientific.

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