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Monday, December 30, 2013

Bigger is always better - home computer now over 6TB

The two internal drives I installed two years ago for storage of data, home videos, photos, documents, dvds, and other stuff (but not including some big projects stored on external drives) are finally full. This morning I had to shut down my computer without saving the huge stitched photo I created because I was too low on space. This afternoon I got another 2TB drive and installed. it. Unfortunately I couldn't find the drive, even though I was certain that I'd connected it correctly. It was available in the BIOS but not in "my computer" so I couldn't use it. Finally I found some online advice which indicated that you have to find a "manage" button by right clicking on the "computer" selection within the START menu window. The manage button has a shield beside it. WIthin there, you are allowed to format the drive and start accessing it. I'm now copying 800 GB of photos and videos shot with my point and shoot cameras over the past eight years onto it. I also replace the external speaker I bought for Margaret for Christmas as it didn't work (the person at the store confirmed it must be faulty) and the new one works. I also upgraded her computer to have bluetooth so she can use the speaker without it being wired in. 

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