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Friday, March 20, 2015

Research presentation

My third deadline/endeavor of the week, a presentation of my research within the context of the NMSL (New Media Studio Laboratory) was today. It looks like I don't have any work commitments for the rest of the weekend!!! I got my grant application in on Monday and completed all my reading for an adjudication process on Wednesday. Now maybe some fun filmmaking with William and his cousins or just some good old fashioned festering around.
The presentation went okay. Others stuck closer to describing what they are actually doing, but I just couldn't do that. I get so derailed during the term that the only things I work on are incredibly random and quite often trivial sounding when described out loud. Instead, I considered some primary themes and directions I discuss with my grad students. I began, as I like to, with a William Oberon Bessai-Saul quote: "Magic is effect without cause". Click HERE to read my presentation in my other blog.

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