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Monday, December 14, 2015

New Faculty, New Logo

... well it's not exactly a new faculty, but the news of this is public: UofR's Faculty of Fine Arts will become the Faculty of Media, Art and Performance as of January 1. We've had a new logo designed which was unveiled this week (but not publicly so I dare not try to post an image here yet). I'm generally not excitable when it comes to logo design but was pleasantly surprised when this came on the screen. It is balanced and geometric and pleasing. Okay, back to my lunch now? No, they went on to show the logo mocked up into a variety of contexts and in various colours. This looked very promising. Then they went on to show it jazzed up a bit with textures and stuff and it was getting really groovy. One thing that got a lot of pleased responses from the group was a display which showed this wall replaced by a three banner-style graphic, floor to ceiling, for the faculty. It will be very powerful (and about time that this thing was painted over).

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