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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

William last day of term

It was William's last day of classes before final. He worked for at least a week on his social studies paper on Chairman Mao (they needed to choose a world leader and talk about impact and other issues). It was interesting to learn along with him. The final, the day after the paper is handed in, will be a five minute oral summary of this topic. William spent the evening gathering images. The oddest bit that he is adding to his presentation that was not in his paper was a program Mao instigated to get rid of pests. In its first incarnation, he had the entire nation strive to kill as many flies, mosquitoes, rats, and sparrows as they could. The resulting hut to near extinction of sparrows (pictured above), instead of saving on how much grain they ate, created a plague of locusts that had previously been eaten by the birds. Famine followed. He latter changed the hunt to bed bugs. 

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