Sunday, September 17, 2017

"Now Showing" print/film exhibition

The long awaited reveal of four commissioned silkscreen prints based on four films was last night at the Creative City Centre. This is a new project with the Filmpool working with Articulate Ink to be presented within the context of the Flatgrafika print conference happening this week (and including the AGR show on Friday). Two of my films were selected, so I am doubly honoured. First, "Eyes of Sorrow Moon" was interpreted by Beth Liber. She worked with two layers, black and silver, to create a luminescent image that emphasizes William's character's strange eyes and the collaged German Expressionist backgrounds I used.
Gerald Saul and Beth Liber

Second was a poster for my newest super-8 film "Canister versus The Red Death", designed by Jason Thiry. This one had bold colours and a more distressed aesthetic with the image of the helmet being central but discrete unless one has already seen the film.
Gerald Saul and Jason Thiry
It was a great event and I was really happy to see the work and meet both of these artists.

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