Saturday, September 7, 2019

Late night with Swampfest artists

William, me, and Mitchell Wiebe
We went to the Saturday night Swampfest event at the soundstage. As I expected, the music was very loud and there was almost no place to sit down - the sort of thing I loved when I was younger but that I'm less interested in these days. Mostly we wanted to see the work installed by David Hoffos, which was certainly quite cool (it is ghostly projections that don't photograph easily so no images here). I hoped to make a quick escape but then we got caught up in the kitchen party, or more precicely the lobby party with long and interesting conversations with Mitchell Wiebe who took a break from installing at the MacKenzie to take in some festival, and with David Hoffos/Margo Henry who was happy to talk about art and other shit for an hour or two. Glad we came.
Me, William, and David Hoffos

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