Thursday, May 28, 2020

Progess on 4 year old sidewalk

I've written about this before so I'll summarize. The sidewalk in front of my next door neighbour has been dug up for a long time. Last year when I saw other repairs being marked off, I wrote to the city to ask why this part wasn't being repaired. They replied that they got the message but did nothing. Months later, in the fall, I found a photo (below) from March 2016 of the original digging. I sent this to the city (to the person who relied to the first message) and Margaret got the phone call reply saying they found the order to destroy the sidewalk but the order to repair it was lost and that they won't have time in the fall. So anyway, they are finally here and digging and cutting again. Sad to see that we never move our furniture. 

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