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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Made sushi for our first time

William will be needing to take a lunch to school this fall but, not liking sandwiches, we have only a few choices. He can either take hot lunches in a thermos (such as chili or stew) or some sort of cold meal (such as fruit) or sushi. The only problem - we have never made sushi before and I don't want to have to buy it from the store. A few weeks ago we purchased the ingredients we needed but it took until today to put them together. We made California roll with smokes salmon, cucumber, and avocado. Only after we'd eaten did I discover that we have sesame seeds in the freezer so I rolled the outside of the leftovers in them. I think this will be quick and easy enough for us to make and William already has a hang of making them. 

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