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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

William at Improv wins honorary banana

Amid a very heavy homework day, we let William take a break to go to the second half of the season opening Combat Improv, now on Tuesday nights. A high point was when Colby or someone was asking for a genre and after "western" and "noir" were suggested, William yelled out "bicycle". When I asked him later if he knew what a genre was, he said he did but that he felt that bicycle might be a good one. Anyway, this got the attention of the players and Judy asked if that was William who suggested it. He said it was. She asked if he has a bicycle and what colour it was. William then explained to her and the audience that he has a bike and that it is sort of black but not quite black because it doesn't want to go all the way. Many laughs. They awarded William an honorary banana prize (consisting of a very green banana). 

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