Wednesday, July 17, 2019

more recovery

Two days after the surgery, his continuous problem has been sticking to the bed with his sweat and feeling every crease in the sheets with huge discomfort so that he could never relax. I bought a fleecy blanket from Superstore on spec and it proved somewhat effective. Margaret needed to buy more such things as he soaks one after the other in sweat and they need to be washed (smelling rank at the end of all that).
Mike visited and brought Booster Juice. William was intrigued because Teagan recently got a job at Booster Juice and was telling him all their secrets.
I got him to draw a bit, just to bring in something from normal life. Yesterday he needed to draw with his left hand as his entire right side was too sore. Today the right side is still very sore (the side the rib came out of) but he drew right handed anyway.
Yesterday's left handed drawing

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