Monday, August 12, 2013

Vacation to mountains of Alberta part 4 Books and Fossils

We took possession of the cottage yesterday. It is surprisingly close to Frank's Slide, the early 20th century landslide disaster in which half a mountain fell over a town and the road and rails in the pass. Yesterday we settled in and drove off to find a small waterfall and stream where the kids did some tubing.

Today I wanted to take it easy and not go anywhere, so I let the others leave to pick up water shoes in town while I sat back with a book in the sun. My dream was short lived when everyone returned in an  hour to pick up things they forgot. Declaring an interest in a nearby beach, I came along. The "beach" turned out to be a lake with not a  hint of sand and only occasional shore-line. I found a nice spot and continued my book, reading it aloud to William ("Such Wicked Intent", a Frankenstein novel by Kenneth Opel). It is not a dense book and has a good flow, so I ended up reading the entire thing out loud over the next few days.  
 William and I were drawn away from our reading session by exciting news of fossils. Further down the shore was an outcropping of some sort of sedimentary rock, similar to slate (very flat and smooth). We found numerous small sea creatures embedded in them. I hit my head on a low branch TWICE.

This evening we played Carcassonne, introducing a number of extra packs to the girls..I brought a number of games, each of which we played only once. 

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