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Saturday, February 28, 2015

$100 Film Festival and Nickle Art Gallery in Calgary

 We did some shopping in the morning at the Chinook Mall (Lego and Levi's stores primarily) and I showed my sister how to make a cheesecake (but forgot to leave her the recipe). In the afternoon we made our way tot he Nickle Art Gallery on the UofC campus where they had part of the big Canadian art display (divided into four locations in the city). This one had work by our old friend Kim Morgan as well as Ed Pien and David Hoffos. Fantastic.
 This evening we were at the $100 Film Festival. The theatre was great and the crown has sizable and really into it. I messed up the timing on my subtitles quite badly so am very embarrassed. Of course, the purpose of the different language is to emphasize the disconnect of person to space, so I suppose an additional phase problem between the German and the English could only enhance this further, but that didn't stop me from brooding about it until the end of the night. My nephew Chris came along with a couple of his friends. Erik Sirke came as well, which was great as well as fortunate as we'd not have found the party without him.
We went to the after-party. The location was a strange bar under a restaurant. I don't know if William was supposed to be there, but they served him tea and didn't tell him to leave, so I guess it fit under restaurant rather than bar rules. Had some good conversations with Stephen Broomer, Kyle Whitehead (below with his super-8 film loops), and the publishers of Seities, a journal for traditional, inspiration, and community in photography (www.seities.com).

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