Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Michele Sereda

Dear Michele, you were always so full of life. We spoke just a few days ago. You were amazing. You always had such insights into people and you saw the strengths in those around you and found ways to look beyond our weaknesses. I was honoured when you asked me to work on animation for your Alice in Wonderland many years ago; it was a thrill to be in the middle of the energy of your production. Your visits to my classroom and your work with my students was always so generous and enlightening, I valued every moment. I can't believe we were watching you and Paul on the screen just last night at the Filmpool to remember him. As I sat there, I wished you were there because I wanted to ask you so many things, Questions that will remain unanswered. I'm so glad we had a few chances to work together and wish we had many, many more. We are all devastated by this accident, you and the others, all gone in one collision.

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Anonymous said...

A lot of grief out there today, Gerald. Great tribute. ..