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Saturday, February 21, 2015

grant draft and Godard's "Made in USA"

Finally got a draft of my grant application written today. William was at game class with Allan Dotson for a couple of hours and Margaret was at work. House to myself made all the difference. Still rough around the edges, but it says what I think I want it to say.
This gave us a bit of free time this evening so I talked William and Margaret into watching "Made In USA" by Godard with me. William is always into the French films but Margaret gave up 20 minutes before then end and missed the Ferrania sign and the last three murders. She was just reading about the lawsuits behind this film in an essay by the Donald E. Westlake whose story it is supposedly based upon but the rights hadn't been properly secured. Godard cast the effervescent 24 year old Anna Karina as the male lead. 

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