Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Margaret's Birthday

Strange birthday all around today. I went painting, leaving Margaret in bed with coffee and pie and a book. She thus forgot her dentist appointment (at the time, she must have thought having her teeth cleaned on her birthday was a good idea). She sent William off to class and went to a rescheduled afternoon appointment, but shortly after I got home, so did William as he thought class was cancelled (it was moved, but he didn't read his email closely enough). He started working on his Halloween costume, which attracted the cats. He and I then worked on a secret video about making muffins. Margaret and I shopped for a new laptop in the evening (got some leads but no purchase yet). Book store after William finished his evening class, then home for drinks. Many confused events, spilled drinks, wrong colours, and broken glass, but also ice cream, conversations with friends, and relaxing moments.

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