Friday, January 17, 2020

Hannah Klaus at Dunlop

New exhibition at Dunlop is work by Hannah Klaus. Her artist talk, done before we saw the work, was interesting but she'd not anticipated our hearing her while blind to the work, so it was less than ideal. She seems particularly interested in language and words, going on a tangent about the phrase "time immemorial" and how she wouldn't use it because its definition suggests a time before memory and that we have not forgotten. She also talked about needing to invent a French translation for "relationality". However, she never actually said if or how words and language are connected to her work or to her as a person/artist. In the end, the most memorable part of the show was the tea cups which were cast from bees wax but only mentioned in passing during the Q&A of the talk.
 I was at an eye appointment this morning so didn't attend the Art For Lunch talk by Jess Richter. She was at Dunlop and her colours met with the artwork in a bold way ...

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