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Wednesday, September 21, 1994

Grad school 5, starting to watch films including "The Golem"

Sept 21   Watched Paul Wegener's "The Golem" on 16mm at the library. I've read about it numerous times and have looked for it often but never been able to find it. It combines my love for German Expressionist design with the creation of a man. It was quite interesting, the monster of stone which seemed to have a few lustful thoughts. It was upon this monster that Universal initially wanted to base Frankenstein (with Bela Lugosi as the monster) but eventually changed the look.
     Also watched many other films today (I spent the day in the library). They are as follows:
Migration               David Rimmer  1969 11 min
Surfacing on the Thames D Rimmer           5 min
The Golem               Paul Wegener  1920 72 min
Puce Moment             Kenneth Anger 1949 6 min
Eaux D'Artifice         K. Anger      1953 13 min
Kustom Kar Kommandos    K. Anger      1965 3 min
Invocation of my Demon Brother, Anger 1969 11 min
Meshes of the Afternoon Maya Deren    1943 14 min
At Land                 Maya Deren    1944 15 min
A Study in Choreography M. Deren      1945 4 min
Ritual in Transfigured Time  M. Deren  1946 15 min
Meditation on Violence  M. Deren      1948 12 min
The Very Eye of Night   M. Deren    1952-59 15 min
Exposure           Michelle Mohabeer  1991? 8 min
Coconut/Cane and Cutlass     M.Mohabeer    1994 30 min

     Michelle did her presentation in class today so I include her works in this list. I didn't understand how she got the superimposed images on the sword, and her explanation just didn't make it any clearer. I think that money tames filmmakers. I think her film would probably have been better if it was stripped to its bare bones. Nothing fancy. If you have ideas, express them, don't hide them under expensive effects. Otherwise, it was a seductive viewing.

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