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Thursday, January 14, 2010


This evening Paul consented to stay with William (watching every short Madagascar video we have on the dvr) while Margaret and I finally got out to Sherlock Holmes. Liked it a lot. I particularly liked how they depicted the ways he fought, showing in slow time how quickly his mind will come up with solutions and act upon them. There is a pattern in films that if a character reveals a plan, such as with a heist film, then the plan is doomed to fail. However, Holmes succeeds in these mini-plans, demonstrating his advanced intelligence. He would really look foolish if he believed he could defeat someone using some random blow to a knee but then fails; that would discredit him and be contrary to the entire character. It just worked very well.
There was a buzz in the bass in the sound system that could rarely be heard during the movie since there were no quiet scenes, but was likely hiding beneath the sound somewhere (Southland Mall).

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