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Monday, April 2, 2012

Laser films

Inspired by a film on Vimeo by Winnipeg filmmaker Scott Fitzpatrick, I tried running 16mm film through the laser printer. It worked much better than I though it would, actually creating legible images. Of course there is no semblance of registration so the image remains very abstract, but that's okay for me. The image to the side is one of the images I printed. It is made up of shrunken layers of one of Margaret's drawings as well as the text, in a 2 or 3 font, of the splice magazine article I wrote about Jason Britski. The film is about 15 seconds long but I ran it once normal, then left to right flipped, then I ran it in the projector backwards (in case the randomly created soundtrack was different) and flipped that one left to right as well so that there are four passes altogether. William came home from school as I was trying to get the (very rough) video transfer done and he was very interested in the idea of analog and digital technologies mixing.  HERE is the Video.

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