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Friday, December 23, 2016

Fellini "festival"

William and I finished out personal Frederico Fellini film festival tonight with the Christmas film "Ginger and Fred" in which a fictionalized Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers go to Rome to participate in a huge Christmas variety show. We have been watching the Fellini films in order over the past three months. At the very beginning, Margaret spotted "Intervista" at the library and brought it home but we didn't watch it since it was one of the very last films. Now it appears that the "Intervista" dvd has been lost or damaged or de-listed from the library so I don't have a copy to watch. Perhaps I'll find it in the future. What we did watch was:
-->Open City (co-writer only)
I Vitelloni
-->La Strada
Nights of Caberia
-->La Dolce Vita
8 1/2
Juliet of the Spirits

Orchestra Rehearsal
 And the Ship Sailed On

Ginger and Fred

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