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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Pud comics from Dubble Bubble complete set

Yesterday we finally acquired the missing comic to complete the set of 60 "Funnies: Starring Pud" comics from Dubble Bubble gum. I spent far too much money on gum to get these, but as it went to William's art project, it was likely worth it. (when you go to William's blog on this, if you click on the word "Pud" at the bottom of any of the posts, it will give you nothing but his Pud drawings). William created a podcast called "Pud Cast" describing these comics.   I wrote to the Tootsie Roll company to tell them about how the buckets of gum did not have fair distributions of the gum and asked about how to get these images in other ways. I didn't get a reply right away so I kept on buying more. Eventually I did get an amazing response from them and they sent me a copy of the whole set. http://geraldsaul.blogspot.ca/2017/08/amazing-pud-delivery.html   Anyway, here are the 60 current Pud comics:

1 comment:

Chrystene said...

While this is amazing, nothing beats hearing William describe these in his Pudcast. His interpretations are much better than the actual funnies.