Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Day in Saskatoon

Lots of fun stuff in Saskatoon today. Went to Lee Valley for some door glides and a random collection of other stuff. Went to the Craft Council and saw the group show with works by Gerri Ann and Deb Potter and many others. Went to a store called "Glitch" which combined many other stores and sold weird things, strange candy, odd toys, patches, stickers, masks, and other things. We went because Steve Patterson mentioned in last night during the Debaters as having a museum of oddities which it did. Two headed calf, various cool and believable (and not believable) artifacts around Bigfoot and the occult. Before heading home we went to the Remai for the group show and the Adrian Stimson retrospective. Whirlwind trip but a coke with vanilla coffee helped me navigate home without blinking. 

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