Saturday, February 3, 2024

Right ankle pain

I woke up two days ago with a sore ankle. It was difficult at first to put weight on it, but I got through my day with just a bit of discomfort. The longer I walked around, the more it felt normal. I hadn't injured it, I just woke up that way. Yesterday, the pain persisted. I went out with Mom in the morning and walked a lot and even carried a bunch of her stuff. However, by the end of the afternoon it had become much worse. Furthermore, I slipped on the ice in my yard and had a minor fall (almost caught myself). No big deal, but it might have strained the ankle even more. By midnight I could barely stand on it. At 3 am I got up and it was still sore, but at 5 am it was much better. Improvements seem to be short lived though. Worried that it might be some form of arthritis. It is Saturday so I won't be able to connect with my doctor and don't want to go to emergency. I did phone my doctor's office which the internet say was open until 3 and I sat on hold from 2:30 until I hung up at 3. Will just suffer for the rest of the weekend and cross fingers. 

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