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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Crazy birthday

Had a crazier than usual birthday today. No sleeping in; in fact the opposite. I was at CBC at 7:25, showered and presentable. I finished a couple Canister projects to print but when I tried to get them to Staples, the file folder was full of dozens of strange files with names made up of boxes and other icons. This folder also won't delete. I lunched with William at A&W, thinking my parents would join us buy mom got caught up in other things and missed us. It was also at this time that William told me that his big social studies project that he wasn't working on through the break is due tomorrow. We cut lunch short and went home to start compiling graphics. After school was a frenzy of collaging his material but then we had to get to the expressionist film. Kevin was there and we had a great time except for the drunk behind me who mumbled a commentary track until the end of act two at which point he moved to behind Chrystene. After coffee we returned home to finish William's homework. I've also just finished scanning all of my negatives from the 80s. 

1 comment:

Berny Hi said...

Holy moly! It was your birthday?!
Happy Birthday, Gerald! I hope you have a wonderful year.
Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do. It's a honour to be your friend!