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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I needed to use a razor blade to scrape all the slime from the inside of the fish tank today. Then, with the fish net, I scooped the sheets of slime out of the water and into a bucket. I believe they'll be happier now. Do snails eat that slime? Because if they do, we could raise a snail farm.
A couple of months ago we got a letter from the city, addressed to both Margaret and me and including our middle names on the envelope which really got our attention. It said that some of the pipes bringing water to our house may have lead (all of our house is copper) and thus we should run our water for five minutes before drinking it. Well, this didn't sit too well with us of course. We've been here for 13 years without running it. In any case, a shower in the morning will use enough water to flush the lead but the first coffee was always a problem. We've been keeping additional water from the day before in the frig for the morning. Our drinking water has its own filter so today I went to Rona to see if they have a filter to remove heavy metals (we all need to remove heavy metal from our life eventually). The filters we usually use cost about $10 each and only need changing once per year. The lead removing one costs $38 and only lasts 6 months! Ugh.

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