Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sleepless in Regina

I've not been blogging very regularly this month. Part of it might be because I've not been taking pictures and so I've not had a visual representation of what I'm doing. Part of it might be this inexplicable sense of ennui I've had most of this summer. I have a list of things I want to accomplish in front of me and they all look like interesting and engaging projects, the sorts of things I look forward to doing. However, when each day begins, I feel almost no inclination to begin working on any of them. I'm finding excuses, distractions, and other traps. Cleaning my office (which I did a lot more of yesterday) has been helping. I found some open desk space and shelf space (although not much) and this makes me feel better. I made some notes towards a Splice article I want to write. I engaged Margaret in a conversation about the film so that I could get a fresh outlook but also to establish an expectation in myself that I need to complete it. 
It's five am. I can't seem to stay up late these days, I just want to sleep. However, I wake up after five hours with no inspiration. By the time I find some (or perhaps because I've found some) I feel tired again. Tedious.

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