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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Out takes from my 1986 project "GerFilm"

I'm combing through film elements this weekend and I've found a number of very interesting things. I'm trying not to pause at length as such distractions would stop me from ever finishing this job. However, one needs to look at things and feel that there is value in keeping this old junk. Look at this kid mugging perpetually at the camera. Angelos thought he could make an entire film based on shots he had of me lodged in peculiar places, just for a shot. I wanted to make a project of optical printed footage of me and my film school friends joking around in front of the camera, the one place we were really happy. I was going to call it "Faith" but in the end, perhaps because no one wanted to fund me to find my calling, I never got money for it (even from the Filmpool!) so I never made it. I wouldn't make it now. The footage has too many melancholy memories from me to look at for the number of hours the optical printer demands. I no longer have that faith.

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