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Sunday, September 10, 2017


This weekend we attended (on top of the Bushwakker event) SwampFest, a music festival organized by Eric and Amber and other people we know. It was a good experience for William to be immersed into the relentless distortion of sound that a punk band creates. There were interesting art and conceptual elements to the festival including an artist sticker machine (Allan had stickers in there along with other people but we didn't manage to get any of Allan's). I think that TAB the swamp monster appeared at some point but again, we didn't spot it. Fada Dance did performances to welcome people onto Willow Island during the Saturday afternoon events. Other events took place at the German Club. William and I created a set of comics for the events which featured characters Swampy and Tree-Kill Tim. We wrapped one of these 16 comics around wrapped pieces of Dubble Bubble gum and handed them out at the events. I doubt that anyone managed to see all 16, but a few people started to get excited about it on the second night. I'll post the set in a day or two (the final versions are grouped into sheets of four and I need to edit and resave them before I post them individually).

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