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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tour of the new Connaught school

The rebuilt Connaught School where William had gone from Kindergarten to Grade 7 re-opened this month and they had a public tour this week. The place is a dream. The spaces are quite open but also labyrinth-like with lots of place to hang out or work or read. I am betting that the only negative would be the crowd and the noise. The old school had 350 students. When they relocated, they lost about a hundred (including William) but the new school has around 450 kids in it! It's hard to imagine that ten years ago they almost followed the study that claimed the numbers were on the decline and that a new school here wouldn't be viable. At the time of that report, enough people noticed that the statistics being used were three years old and that the city had been booming, not dying. 

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