Thursday, August 20, 2020

William turns 19

Busy day but perhaps not as "fun" in the classic sense as other birthdays. That's the way when you are 19 I suppose. William had a big art project due the night before but it wouldn't upload onto google docs like ti was supposed to. Google was having some huge problem and I found that in  the news so he went to bed and I got him up first thing to finish his homework. Not the best start to a birthday. From that point on it was better. I had a few "Rick and Morty" based books for fun, on top of the cashmere/silk jacket we picked up yesterday. It was too hot to bake so went for birthday ice cream then we went to Le Macaron and bought some stuff. We took baking to visit Gertrud and Fred and sat on their deck. It was cooling and shortly after we got home, it finally rained. I mixed William his first martini and we finished Umbrella Academy. 

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