Friday, July 8, 2022

Erik and Julia and Weird Al in town

 Erik Sirke and Julia Sutherland arrived in Regina yesterday. Erik has a load of family things to do but I convinced them to come do William's radio show this morning. I think it is a good episode. They got out a Ouiji Board and communicated telepathically with Garfield. 

Late in the afternoon, Lara reached out to say that she'd got a bunch of comps to the VIP at Weird Al concert at the Centre of the Arts this evening, so William was off to that concert. Came back with signed merch. Erik and Julia came to the Dunlop opening and we all headed to out yard afterwards. Erik's sister was at the Rider game so she and her boyfriend also came over when the game ended (to get their ride home). Once Lara and all the boys arrived, it expanded into a completely impromptu party. 

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