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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

minus eleven days

Greetings. My name is Gerald Saul, I am a professor of film production at the University of Regina and I'm setting up this blog to chronicle my activities for the forthcoming year as I embark upon my first sabbatical which it to begin in 11 days.
The image here is of me portraying a robot defending the earth from alien urban renewal in a hand processed 16mm workshop film called "Conquest of the Vanquished Urban Renewal Experts From Another World" which I made with a keen little team consisting of Anna Hansen, Jade Duckett, and Gabe Boyko. In this film, we dared to tell the naked truth about international plots aimed at forcing us to live in better houses. However, the powers that be are intent on silencing our voices to the point that our film lost out in the competition against a film about a guy looking for the bathroom. You decide who's being paranoid. If you are brave enough, contact the Saskatchewan Filmpool Co-operative and demand that they put the vote of best film to a new ballot.

During this next year I will be creating a number of 16mm films as well as some videos, some super-8 projects, and at least one screenplay. As well, I am going begin work on a book about experimental filmmaking. There are a lot of other things on my to-do list such as updating my rather stagnant website: www.geraldsaul.com
Thanks for joining me on my inaugural posting.
Gerald Saul, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

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Unknown said...

Is that a villain that might appear some day soon in a home video starring William?