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Friday, June 29, 2007

One day, all this will be yours.

Last night I dashed into the edit room to try to pull the Inspector Gadget work in progress off the computer to show to some family I'll be seeing later today. We changed the machines earlier in the day, which led to some initial panic as I'd not realized that the Avid bins (the basic information that sorts a users project but does not contain any large amounts of actual data) are stored on the C drive of the computer, leaving me with many gigs of video and no road map to use it. Well, it was not a difficult opperation to plug the old workstation back up and copy the bins, which Kalyn and I did in her office with an alternate monitor etc, when suddenly the power in the building went out and there we were, on the only machine NOT connected to a power back up thing, crashing. My day in the office was not as minimal as suggested in yesterday's post as I had a potential student to meet with so could not solve the issues of bins right away but instead left them to the end of the day, too late to discuss with lab adminstrator Kalyn that the new version of Avid, which was supposed to have an mpeg encoder, does not seem to. Bottom line, I need to either find that encoder or face the learning curve of doing it the new way. Perhaps in a couple of days when I'm on sabbatical that would be fine, but a time stressed administrator, I require that all projects we achievable in less than one hour. These past three years I've taken to making films that are between one and three minutes each, and that is often too onerous.
Today I am back to some 16mm. I've got 14 rolls, each 100 feet, and I'm not afraid to use them.

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