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Sunday, September 21, 2008

bog a log

While I'm still pretty sick today, William and I ventured out to the Bio-Boxes show at Mysteria Gallery on 13th. For me and William, it was what he calls "Bog-a-log theatre". Bogalog is a word he made up when he was about 2 and eventually came to mean going into a small place such as under a blanket or, preferably, under someones shirt. This show was made up of 'theatres' that were about 2 feet wide with one chair surrounded by sheets. The one performer put their head through a hole in the stage and does a monologue while moving a variety of objects around (papers, toys, other objects.) It was incredibly intimate and wonderful. There were six stages, each performed in a choice between English or another language and could change mid way through their 10 minute performances (one was French, one German, one Cantenese, one Italian, one Crotatian, and one Japanese). Today was the last day in Regina.

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