Monday, September 1, 2008

a day off...

I spent the morning sorting my notes for tomorrow's class and Margaret wanted us to go do something in the afternoon so we drove to Lumsden, missed the duck derby but saw a bit of the craft show, then drove the opposite way to Indian Head where they have redressed the town to be the set for Little Mosque on the Prairie. Got some pictures. William isn't trying to be rude here, he is trying to catch raindrops on his tongue.
I posted a new Professor Delusia video.

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Berny Hi said...

sweet. i was out that way [indian head] the past 3 mondays and captured some footage of the set from a make-shift vehicle mount and an arri BL.
i am meaning to ask if you would be able / willing to take a look at the footage, talk with me a moment and perhaps help or give suggestions for a CC research grant application I'm writing.
i get the feeling you'll be busy, and the CC grant deadline is soon, but if you are up for it, let me know. no pressure.