Saturday, November 8, 2008

busy Saturday

William and I spent our morning in pajamas watching (most of) Return of the King. This afternoon we went swimming - he forgot his goggles and was really grumpy about it so Margaret went and got them and then he had a great time. After supper we went to a house warming party that William didn't want to go to but then met kids of an economics professor there and didn't want to leave. We had to go early as we had tickets, complements of Margaret's mom, for the symphony. Just as I have found that I see films through William's eyes, I heard this symphony (Tchaikovsky's fifth) through his ears. He was restless and couldn't wait for it to end. When does that symphony end? It keeps promising to end, but then just keeps going and going like the damn rabbit. William played with Ed Willet's daughter during intermission and after the show so he ended up enjoying the evening after all.

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