Wednesday, November 26, 2008


William went to school this afternoon. He said he felt "fine" and that he wanted to go, but reports are that he was in a bad mood, "not 100%" . I guess he's still sick. Margaret has thoughts about keeping him out of school tomorrow. I have opinions that I'm beginning to doubt. I appreciate a upper case Sick, like the ear infection the other day, or the chicken pox, or plague or whatever. If William was upper-case Sick, then we could watch tv all day long in the spirit of resting. When he's just-a-bit-out-of-sorts-lower-case sick, then it's more questionable how much fun staying home should be.
I was teaching tonight, second last week of term has begun. I'm sick (lower case) and could barely hold myself upright most of the day. My thermos of quadruple espresso pulled me out of that, as usual.

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