Saturday, November 22, 2008


Today William and I watched some Dr. Who, which was a repeat for me of course as I need to pick and choose from episodes to find ones that won't upset him too much (many of the new episodes are quite frightening). We watched the two part season ender to the first season where Rose is disintegrated in the game show but in actuality is teleported to the Dalek ship. The Doctor rescues her and sends her back home so to make a last stand against the Daleks but she realizes that she is the Bad Wolf and returns to save everyone, except the doctor who is killed and regenerates. Some thrills, but also a key episode for showing parts of the mythology. Then we made cookies, repeating the same recipe from last week. William is getting better quickly, now that he has drugs from the doctor (not Dr. Who, a real doctor) yesterday. I finally picked the video on Lego Tardis back up and am trying to finish it. For a 36 second clip for William's blog, I've killed much too much time on it. I'm trying a bunch of things I've never tried before in trying to construct the background, although I'm still far from satisfied.

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