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Friday, April 3, 2009

Eugene Lipinski

Paul downloaded the entire run of the Animorphs series off the web onto dvd for William. It's super corny with effects that weren't even top of the line in 1999. The main villain, Vissr Three, when he appears in his human form is played by Eugene Lipinski. This would have been areound the same time that Lipinski was in Regina acting in a local film and, while on set, worked with Nicolas Treeson on his student film, "Machine 11" (Nick, why aren't you on Facebook anymore?). Lipinski was also in one of the first episodes of the Jeromy Brett "Sherlock Holmes" series that I bought in October. He was also one of the leads in Robin Schlaht's first dramatic feature "Solitude", which we discussed when Robin came to my class a few weeks ago.

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