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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Margaret's busy day

I've been feeling overwhelmed but every time I look around, other people seem to be busier than I am. For example, today began with Margaret calling her mother to come right over to meet the plumber (who got the part in to fix our dishwasher but has failed in that duty, so we probably need a new one - dishwasher that is, he's the only guy who does the bosh in town) and then she had to drop me off at work, drive back to the swimming pool and help with William's swim day, take him home, quickly feed him, then take him to the dentist then back home where he was upset about having his lip frozen and pouted and read the last pages in the last Animorphs book we can find in the city (this is his 43 of the Animorphs books he's read, there are about 20 more but the Regina library doesn't have them, nor do any of the used book stores). Once he was back in school, Margaret got a licence for the cat, got William from school to his play date, went to the comic art opening at the Fifth Parallel gallery at the University where we met back up and came home.

I showed "Simon of the Desert" in class, then came home and worked on my taxes a bit.

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