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Friday, April 1, 2011

too much IS too much

April Fools Day: This morning I helped William make coffee for Margaret: boiled water with dark food colouring. Yum. He wanted a crayon in it but we didn't go that direction.
When I got to work I discovered that I can't transfer files larger than 4Gb from the Mac where I've captured the Sockvile footage into a hard drive formatted to pc. This just further drives home the idea that a Mac computer can easily do anything you ask it to do so long as you never ask it to do something that it can't do. The list of things it can't do is kept secret and left for you to discover one item at a time.
In class, instead of being able to watch footage, we took a break to watch Darrell Prohor do a talk on his research into historical photography in western Canada. Then we did some improvised music in the studio.

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