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Monday, March 30, 2015

Hamlet puppet is a grade 8 success

Margaret and I were able to attend William's 15 minute one-person-show as he performed Shakespeare's Hamlet, act 5, scene 1, to his class. He used four characters, the gravediggers, Horatio, and Hamlet. He would sing or have the characters speak from "back stage" at the points that he needed to change puppets (I was tempted to be his assistant but ultimately he was being judged on this as a solo endeavor). He was clear with four distinctive voices. While it is unlikely that his class, never having studied Shakespeare, followed the story or got the jokes, I am certain they were impressed. The principal came into the class for some reason and quickly realized what was going on and stayed to watch and shoot images with his phone (as did the teacher). Considering that I shot it with my point and shoot from 15 feet away with no extra microphone (fortunately the class stayed quiet), the audio recorded surprisingly well. The stage survived its way home and William and Griffin shot a new video with it later in the evening. 

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