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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

3rd Year Film Student screening

William and I attended the third year screening of film student films at the Artful Dodger tonight. The films were pretty good, and generally funny. There were quite a few about sex and suicide (although I don't think anyone actually commits suicide in any of them) but they were short and tight with their storytelling. With each student showing two shorts each and most of them acting in each others films, I did start feeling the audience was becoming overly familiar with them. It would have been funny if someone had considered an overall story arc for the whole random set. I was thinking about a suicide bomb that a guy built in one of the early films that was never set off. It would have been great if someone accidently set it off in the last film.
They got a big crowd which meant that the space warmed up quickly. We had to flee into the cool air as soon as it was over. 

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