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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween Night with decoration, trick and treating,, surprise visitors, and two parties

 My film loop this year combined insects (primarily maple bugs and grasshoppers) with shadows of spiders from the screan they were projected on.
 William did one block of trick or treating. Gerri Ann took his picture (it is on her facebook page) so I took hers as well.
 Geremy and Ellen dropped in for a visit. It was great to have Ellen over - I believe this was her first time to our house (unless she was in the backyard for Geremy's presentation two years ago? I can't remember). She is one of the three blind mice. He is a black market animal smuggler.
After Geremy and Ellen and Gertrud and Fred left, we decided the trick or treaters had run its course and we shut down the hours and headed to the first of two parties - the first being at Misty Wensel's. Had a great conversation with Tanya about science. 
 Our second party of the evening was to Mark and Vanda's. It was a great crowd including Mike and Elizabeth (below) and Charlie and Lorreta (above). We had some great conversations with John and Debra and with Barbara and Kyath.

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