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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Gerda Osteneck at the UofR Club

Our friend Gerda has a great exhibition up at the faculty club, made up of about 25 or 30 collage/pastiche pieces of artwork. I think that mounting a big show like this is great; it really demonstrates the range and strength of her work. With collage, single pieces can always be strong but viewing them is such a subjective experience that it is difficult to know what the artist is really up to. Gerda's collective collages act as piece of a puzzle, creating an intriguing (and difficult) self portrait. 

Of course I SHOULD have taken a picture of Gerda but she was busy and it only occurred to me to take a snap as we were heading out the door (and as I was lecturing William on posture) so this is all I have. Sorry Gerda. 

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