Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year's eve at Star Wars

Last night we attended Star Wars at the Imax (the only place in Canada to see it on actual film). We got in line at 8:30 for the 10 pm show (and therefore missed the changing of the year) but it was worth it. The level of spectacle was elevated three notches due to the huge screen, the big sound, and the good seats. All abuzz, we talked about it until 2:30 when the girls had to wake up their father and take him home.


Berny Hi said...

Great New Year's Eve activity!
Wasn't it great at the IMAX! I also saw it in 3D, but would recommend the IMAX celluloid over it. I think the only other The Force Awakens experience I could have here in town would be the D-Box gizmo at Famous Players... the chair shakes and moves and creates "real movie magic" or something like that. Apparently it's a Canadian technology.
Anyway, great movie!

Margaret Bessai said...

Is that what the d-box does? Thanks!

Berny Hi said...

Literally adds magic.