Friday, February 5, 2016

Margaret and Gerald, 25 years

Twenty five years ago we had supper together at your mom's. I think  you can laugh now at the antics that went on at that event; I thought they were charming but the evening didn't start like you'd wanted it. The weather had gotten suddenly warm so we had huge barbecued steaks and then went on that long walk as the snow melted around us into huge puddles. You took my hand so you wouldn't slip and we held hands the rest of the evening. I took this photo when we got back to my apartment and carried it for years until it became worn and frayed and I must of slipped it into a book somewhere. I'm sure we'll find it some day. I always remember this as the day you stole my police hat (William will remember you in the "art police" video shot a few days later) but now I notice that you are wearing the cloak that I just had on for the Caligari shoot two weeks ago. I remember every detail except the ones I forget, but wow, the ones I remember are great.