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Saturday, August 26, 2017


I realized today that the six dvd Coen Brothers set I got last week through an American retailer via Amazon are region 2 pal discs. The page doesn't tell you that. The only way to confirm is that the image of the back of the dvd set has the word PAL on it. I cleaned up the basement so that we could watch them on the computer down there but then found out that the Linux operating system requires some tweaking before it can play dvds at all, so I felt quite derailed. We finally patched Margaret's laptop into the tv and watched one.
We went out to a sale down the street and got an amazing red jacket (no images yet as it will be a gift to someone) and an old alarm clock that has cartoon characters on its face. Classic design.
Cool jacket but didn't fit right, had fun anyway. Didn't buy it.

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