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Monday, August 21, 2017

Eclipse day

We dropped the idea of trying to get into the states to see the total eclipse, but still enjoyed what part of it we could from home. As well, as part of the extended birthday celebrations, we tried to do cool stuff with William today.

At 11:45, the eclipse was at its ultimate for our area. Here it is through the safety glasses (click to zoom in on it). 
After the eclipse, we had cherry pie and coffee and watched this week's Twin Peaks. William drove me downtown where he took out a Filmpool membership (you need to be 16 to join a co-op and have voting rights). 
Gerda brought William a strange tin toy airport tower. We took a while to make it work (needed to partically disassemble it) but odd and cool. 
Paul came over for steak sandwiches and a fire. 

Mooky joined us at the fire. She proved she knew William well by bringing him a huge book about the twentieth century. We reciprocated by giving her an accordion with her name on it. 

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